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Dorchester County Public Schools

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About Us - CSDHS

Cambridge-South Dorchester High School is a large, modern facility, located in southwest Dorchester County, Maryland, and is midway between the Annapolis-Baltimore corridor and the coastal resort towns of Ocean City, Maryland and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

The 250,000 square foot, circular designed building which opened in the fall of 1976 is located on 110 acres of  land with adequate space for growth, parking and the many athletic fields needed for a school of this size.

The school is set with a seven (7) period day for scheduling, with 50 minutes classes taught daily during the school year.  This allows a student to earn seven credits per year.

Back Then We Were the...C.H.S. Raiders and the S.D.H.S. Spartans

Over twenty years ago, in September 1976, Cambridge-South Dorchester H.S. first opened its doors.   A total of $9 million was spent building this well-equipped facility, designed by Johannes & Murray & Associates of Silver Spring, MD.  It contained many innovative features such as the largest gym on the Eastern Shore, seating 1800, a library consisting of a collection of more than 20,000 volumes, an auditorium including a huge double stage, classrooms, two dressing rooms, and an orchestra pit.

Throughout the years, many features of C-SD have stayed the same, but some have also changed.  When the school opened, C-SD was only the second circular school in existence in Maryland.  The halls were a kaleidoscope of colors ranging from blue, yellow, purple and orange with a vivid display of concentric circles adorning the wall in the commons area.   The circles were painted over and then was replaced by the "Wall of Respect," constructed by the Art Club in 2000.  The open space concept area was in vogue at the time and C-SD's layout had conformed to this innovative approach to education.  But, walls went up after C-SD's first year.

Academically, the classes were not as technologically oriented as they are today.  Shorthand, typing, mechanical drawing, industrial arts, and office practice were the featured classes along with the core subjects.  Today, they have been replaced with Technology Education courses, Computer Applications, Web Design, Visual Basic Programming, Hardware Maintenance & Repair, Digitalized Yearbook Production, Networking and Computerized Accounting.  Every classroom today has at least one computer and access to the internet, which was unheard of in the 70's.  Instead of doing research in periodicals, encyclopedias, and other reference books, C-SD students of the new millennium are "surfing the net." Featured in the media center today is a computer lab consisting of 27 computers which are all hooked up to a network from the Board of Education.

C-SD still stands tall and proud for over 20 years as one of the greatest educational institutions  that Cambridge, Maryland has ever created.