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Dorchester County Public Schools Retirees Honored

03 June 2021

Dorchester County Public Schools Retirees Honored


            Retiring staff of Dorchester County Public Schools were honored on Tuesday, June 2, 2021 with a dinner held at East New Market Fire Hall.  Those retiring during the 2020-2021 school year devoted a total of 518 years serving the youngsters of Dorchester County.  Each retiree was presented with the gift of an engraved clock by Superintendent of Schools Dave Bromwell and Director of Leadership and School Improvement Regina Teat.

            2020-2021 DCPS retirees include:  Paul Allen (North Dorchester High School); Andre Beulah (C-SD); Brenda Bradley (Choptank Elementary); Donna Greenleaf (Central Office); Dale Herman (North Dorchester High School); Cheryl Hurley (North Dorchester High School); Linda James (Vienna Elementary); Claudia Johnson (Vienna Elementary); Mable Johnson (Maple Elementary); Dorcas Macinta (C-SD); Lynn McCoy (DCTC); Marcie McGrillies (North Dorchester High School); Cindy McPhail (North Dorchester High School); Jan Parker (Vienna Elementary); Rachael Roberts (North Dorchester High School); Bertha Sampson (C-SD); Greg Sampson (North Dorchester Middle School); Patti Short (Warwick Elementary); Sabra Steward (North Dorchester High School); Deborah Todd (Warwick Elementary); Debbie Usab (Central Office); Lisa Wingate (Sandy Hill Elementary); Joyce Wise (Hurlock Elementary, North Dorchester Middle, North Dorchester High).

            Also invited to the event were the 2019-2020 DCPS retirees as the annual retirement event was unable to be held last year due to the pandemic.  The retirees from the 2019-2020 school year were:  Jane Bowers (Vienna Elementary); Valerie Brisco (Mace’s Lane Middle School); Loranne Carowan (Choptank Elementary); Wayne Henry (Maple Elementary); Kermit Hines, (DCTC); Dan Hortert (North Dorchester High School); Mary Hughes (North Dorchester Middle School); Walter McNair (Mace’s Lane Middle School); Margaret Ray (DCTC); Jari Robbins (C-SD); Gail Sanchez (C-SD); Jewel Wolinski (South Dorchester School).

Retirees 1

Some of the 2020-2021 DCPS retirees.  (L-R) Mable Johnson, Donna Greenleaf, Greg Sampson,

Sabra Steward, Brenda Bradley, Cindy McPhail, Dorcas Macinta, Debbie Usab, Jan Parker, Linda James, Bertha Sampson.

Retirees 2

Some of the 2019-2020 DCPS retirees. (L-R) Margaret Ray, Walter McNair, Mary Hughes, Dan Hortert, Kermit Hines,           

Loranne Carowan, Jane Bowers, Valerie Brisco, Jari Robbins.

Retirees 3

Superintendent of Schools Dave Bromwell and Director of Leadership and School Improvement Regina Teat 

 presenting the longest-serving 2020-2021 retiree, Jan Parker (38 years), with her gift.