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U.S. Capitol Police Acting Chief to be C-SD Commencement Speaker

24 May 2021

U.S. Capitol Police Acting Chief to be C-SD Commencement Speaker

                The administrative team of Cambridge-South Dorchester High School is proud to announce that Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman will be delivering the commencement speech to the graduating Class of 2021 at their commencement, to be held at the school on Wednesday, May 26.  Chief Pittman is currently Acting Chief of Police in the United States Capitol Police Department. She has a long history in law enforcement, attending the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Academy in Glynco, Georgia and graduating from the program in September of 2001.  Chief Pittman was one of the first African American female supervisors to attain the rank of Captain in 2012. 

            Chief Pittman grew up in Cambridge, attended St. Clair Elementary School, Maple Elementary, Mace’s Lane Middle School, and graduated from C-SD in 1991. In an article published in The Dorchester Star (February 24, 2021), she said, “I know that I’ll be a Viking until the day I die”.

C-SD Principal Jerome Stover said, “We are so excited and can’t wait to hear Chief Pittman in person; our seniors deserve to have a grand event, and I have a feeling Chief Pittman’s words will be very inspirational to our kids.”

The commencement ceremony will be livestreamed at

Acting Chief Pittman

Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman