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DCPS and Partners Present Discussion on Suicide Prevention

19 April 2021

DCPS and Partners Present Discussion on Suicide Prevention

Dorchester County Public Schools, along with partners Sante Crisis Response Services and the Mid-Shore Community Mediation Center, will present We Are One, a Virtual Town Hall, a discussion of suicide prevention, on Thursday, April 22nd at 6 pm. The virtual meeting, which will be live-streamed via the DCPSFacebook page, will present information on learning to recognize critical warning signs of suicide, while also alerting participants that there may not be any signs.

Panelists will provide a follow-up discussion covering mental health issues and available community resources. Serving as moderator will be Jennifer Williams, Director of Mid-Shore Mediation.

Participants include:

• Kirk Howie

• Julie Slivka

• Becky Mary

• Stephanie Carducci

• Rev. Joan Brooks

• Allison Hunter-Jacobs

• Corporal Eric Otey

• Terri Fox

• Latrice Gray

In using the phrase “We Are One”, DCPS has tapped into the community-wide sense of purpose throughout this challenging year while keeping people informed. For additional information, please contact Mrs. Kawana Webb at 410-228-4747 ext. 1066.