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C-SD Shows Appreciation for Bus Drivers

18 March 2021

C-SD Shows Appreciation for Bus Drivers

It takes a lot more than just students, teachers, administrators to make a school system successful and last week, the staff at Cambridge-South Dorchester High School recognized school bus drivers who transport kids to and from school every day.

The campaign, spearheaded by Principal Jerome Stover and executed with the help of C-SD’S Academic Coaches Nichole Horton (Literacy) and Amanda Robinson (Mathematics), surprised 22 dedicated school bus drivers on Thursday, March 11, with loaded gift bags filled with a Viking shirt, and lots of special goodies. By the look on their faces, they were clearly caught off-guard, but delighted with the surprise visit in the bus loop.

Principal Stover said, “Our bus drivers are sometimes the first smile that our students see in the morning and the last smile they see after school. They are one of the first to rise in an effort to get children safely to school each morning. We wanted to show our appreciation for all they do, both seen and unseen. Thank you to these truly amazing individuals.”

Bradshaw Dockins

Bus Drivers Gina Bradshaw and Jackie Dockins

J. Windsor

Bus Driver Jimmy Windsor

R. Creekmore

Bus Driver Roderick Creekmore