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NDHS and C-SD Celebrate Fall Fest

7 December 2020

NDHS and C-SD Celebrate Fall Fest

North Dorchester and Cambridge-South Dorchester High School both participated in Fall Fest during the week leading to Thanksgiving break, giving students a chance to show their school spirit in the virtual environment.

A highlight of the event was the crowning of the Homecoming Queen and King and their courts at each school. C-SD’s Homecoming Queen is Tatyana Dugars and King is Ve’Jon Ashley. Justice Jensen was crowned Homecoming Queen at NDHS, and Kai Palmer is King. Runners-up at C-SD were John Henry, Alexus Spriggs, Donald Banks, and Lexi Schwarz. NDHS runners-up were Daveion Pittman, Devin Lord, Seth Mackert, Erin Riggin, and Brooke Brohawn.

Homecoming Princesses and Princes at C-SD were Juniors Sa’Mara Spriggs and Jaden Evans; Sophomores Gretchen Richardson and Talan Middleton; and Freshmen Kahleah Skinner, and Aaron Evans. NDHS Princesses and Princes were Juniors LaMesha Crumble and Jaime Fonseca Gonzalez; Sophomores Jasmine Beasley and Adrian Todd; and Freshmen Hope Lane and Connor Bennett.

Other spirit-raising activities included the Fall Fest Art Contest, voting for the member of staff to receive a pie-in-the-face, spirit dress days, and classes competing for the privilege of having the administrator representing their year kiss a pig. Fatima Kaleem won the art contest at NDHS; Hayden Edgar was C-SD’s winning artist. Teacher Mr. Wilson was the pie target and NDHS; at C-SD those ‘pied’ were teachers Ms. Carney, Mr. Dorrenbacher, and Mr. Romano. And the lucky pig-smoochers were NDHS Assistant Principal Ms. Bowers and C-SD Assistant Principal Ms. Mullen.

NDHS Homecoming Queen Justice Jensen NDHS Homecoming King Kai Palmer


CSD Homecoming Court NDHS Kiss the Pig Assitant Principal Karen Bowers 


CSD Kiss the Pig Assistant Princpal Linda Mullens NDHS Pie in the Face Adam WilsonCSD teacher Michael Dorrenbacher