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Introducing the “Starbooks” Café


20 DECEMBER 2019

Introducing the “Starbooks” Café


Thanks to the support of the employees of the Cambridge Starbucks, Mrs. Susan Thomas’ 3rd grade classroom at Maple Elementary School was turned into the “Starbooks” Café for the day on December 13. Students were able to “taste” various books and write about them in their “menus”. In the afternoon, baristas from Starbucks stepped away from the coffee long enough to visit the school and read to the students.

“So many of the staff of the school system come by our store every morning on their way to work, we wanted to give back to them,” said Glenn Brown III, store manager. “Everyone had a lot of fun doing this. We hope to do more with the local schools in the future.”

Introducing the “Starbooks” Café                                                                                                               Introducing the “Starbooks” Café

Starbucks barista Katie Roberts reads to the class.                                                                                                        Students working in the “Starbooks” Café.



W. David Bromwell
Interim Superintendent