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C-SD Classes Complete Service-Learning Projects

29 January 2021

C-SD Classes Complete Service-Learning Projects

This year’s Cambridge-South Dorchester High School students poured their souls into creating  unique service-learning project ideas. All grades, 9-12, brainstormed their own project ideas, all inspired to give back to their community. Each class’ project truly represented the students’ personalities, as well as their personal desire to improve the community.

Under the supervision of advisor, Ms. Ashley Tyler, C-SD’S freshmen initiated, organized, and promoted a virtual interview with Dr. Casey Scott, to share updated information about the COVID 19 virus. Ms. Tyler explained, “This was a challenging prospect as the questions changed drastically between October, when the students first proposed the idea, and December, when the interview was conducted and recorded. Information just kept changing so much, the students handled it so well, though.”  The video shared extensive information covering COVID, and the vaccination process.  The class officers are hopeful that their peers will be more informed, thanks to Dr. Scott.

The sophomore class chose to organize a holiday greeting card drive for the residents of Chesapeake Woods Nursing Center, in Cambridge. They knew that during the pandemic, the residents were more isolated from family members and loved ones, so this idea was put into motion right away.  Students wrote personal, heartfelt messages in handmade cards that were delivered in time for the holiday.  Katelyn Masden, Class President, described the project, “One hundred cards were created and sent. The cards were a great way to show our appreciation for the residents and to show them that they are not alone.” Katelyn added, “If all we could do was to put a smile on their face and show them that they are loved, then that was good enough for us.” Mr. Harris, advisor for the class, described the project, “At a time when the residents could not have visitors, the cards were a welcomed touch of warmth, knowing someone was thinking of them.”

The backbone of the junior class was the theme, “tis the season to be giving”, embracing seven different ways students and families could “pay it forward” and give back, even in the simplest ways. According to Melissa Wise, the junior class advisor, “This was their idea; their project to embrace paying it forward and their final presentation truly amazed me.”   With focus on the holiday season and during a pandemic, “we knew some tasks may be hard or nearly impossible to do, but we knew giving to others and being kind was essential to the season”, stated Ms. Wise. The juniors decided to promote seven ways people can participate and produced a video encouraging people choose one idea and “pay kindness forward”.

The Senior class wanted to voice and promote the importance of voting in the 2021 Presidential Election and they launched a campaign to encourage eligible students and community members to exercise their right to vote. Mrs. Mancuso, senior class advisor explained, “Students wanted to convey the message that it was monumentally important to vote and let their voices be heard. They believed in the importance of electing people who are equipped to lead this country out of very tough times.”  The media blitz, “ROCK the Vote”, also informed the school community of each candidate’s platform and viewpoints.

 During a pandemic, and with all students virtually learning from home, service-learning projects were more important than ever and helped give students focus as well as pulling them together with a common goal: to make their community a better place. 

C SD Service Learning

A few of the holiday cards created by C-SD’s sophomore class for the residents of Chesapeake Woods