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An Open Letter to the Dorchester County Public Schools Community 1-22-2021

Dear Dorchester County Public Schools Families and Community,

By now many of you have knowledge of Governor Hogan’s press conference yesterday with MD Health Officer Dr. Chan and MD Schools Superintendent Dr. Karen Salmon.  From this press conference you can certainly ascertain that all three officials wish the return of students to schools.  I agree and DCPS will continue to follow our plan for bringing students back when it is safe for all. 

When you review the NEW guidance posted on the governors’ website, Dorchester County Public Schools is directly in alignment with how they are asking all MD Counties to re-open.  We will continue to examine the specifics of their guidelines as they are modified.  The message from the press conference was to just follow our re-opening plan which was approved by MSDE this past August.  DCPS has continued to follow our approved plan, just recently modifying it to bring more students safely back into school.

School systems have not received new metric guidance around reopening school buildings for in-person learning yet.    We will continue to monitor the metrics with Dorchester County Health Officer Roger Harrell as they are presented to us.

As far as the March 1 deadline, DCPS is well positioned and ahead of schedule with our plan to return.   Please be ready for next Wednesday’s superintendent press release at 3pm for further guidance and plans.

Stay safe and healthy,

W. David Bromwell


Dorchester County Public Schools.