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Finalists Announced for DCPS Teacher of the Year and First Class Teacher of the Year

20 February 2020


Finalists Announced for DCPS Teacher of the Year and First Class Teacher of the Year

Dorchester County Public Schools has announced the school finalists for Teacher of the Year 2020-2021 and First-Class Teacher of the Year.
Teacher of the Year finalists are: Emma Brant (2nd grade, Choptank Elementary); Megan Day (ESOL teacher, Maple Elementary); JoAnn Dechert (Kindergarten, Vienna Elementary); Kelly Dodson (1st grade, Warwick Elementary); Valerie Friedel (Pre-kindergarten, Sandy Hill Elementary); Erin King (Special Education, Cambridge-South Dorchester High School); Ashley Parker (5th grade, Hurlock Elementary); Dawn Price (7th and 8th grade science, North Dorchester Middle School); Amanda Robinson (Mathematics, North Dorchester High School); Cherie Robinson (Teacher Academy of Maryland, Dorchester Career and Technology Center); Alison Rodrigues (Band, Mace’s Lane Middle School); and Laurie Tawney (Secondary, New Directions Learning Academy).

The finalists for First Class Teacher of the Year are: Hannah Abt (Pre-kindergarten, Choptank Elementary); Tori Henry (5th grade, Hurlock Elementary); Kelsi Ronning (1st grade, Maple Elementary); and Meredith Whitten (4th grade, Sandy Hill Elementary).
The Teacher of the Year award is for classroom practitioners with at least five years’ experience in Dorchester County Public Schools. The First-Class Teacher of the Year is to acknowledge a first-year teacher who is making an exceptional start to their teaching career.

The winners of both awards will be announced at a special event to be held Tuesday, March 31, 2020.
W. David Bromwell, Interim Superintendent DATE: February 20, 2020


W. David Bromwell
Interim Superintendent