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Portfolio Review

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Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review of Home School Instruction

Per the Code of Maryland Regulations, (COMAR), home instruction families are required to participate in two portfolio reviews during each school year.  Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the first portfolio review for home instruction families will occur virtually through an Internet/Web-based Portfolio Review Form/Jot Form.  Both the Jot Form occurring between December and January and the second submission in May/June are mandatory to maintain compliance with COMAR.  Students who are not compliant with COMAR will be withdrawn from Home Instruction and must enroll in a private or public school.

Frequently Asked Questions about DCPS Home Instruction Supervision

  • What is required?

    • Parents are required to meet twice a year with a Home Instruction reviewer. During this conference, the parent shares specifics about the student’s home instruction by presenting a portfolio. The purpose of the portfolio, as outlined in COMAR, is to document the curriculum, materials used, and samples of the student’s schoolwork.

  • How do I sign-up for a review?

    • Home Instruction reviews are conducted twice annually:

      • 1st semester during the second marking period (approximately December through January

      • 2nd semester during the fourth marking period (approximately April through early June)

      • All parents are required to attend two reviews per school year.

      • What do I bring/provide?

        • Parents are asked to bring a portfolio which often consists of a binder divided by subject: English/language arts; math; social studies; science; health; physical education; art; and music. (High school students may substitute other electives for P.E, art and music.) In order to demonstrate regular, thorough instruction, the following relevant documents may be included:

          • brief description of the curriculum (course description/units of study/course objectives)

          • list of materials used (textbooks; workbooks; literature; web sites)

          • dated samples of student work such as writings, worksheets, workbooks, creative materials, and tests/quizzes to show growth and progress (approximately one per week, per subject)

          • NOTE: When documenting skills and activities that are not conducive to pencil and paper assignments, (e.g. physical education, music, cooking, field experiences) consider the inclusion of performance artifacts and reflections. Photos on a cell phone are an excellent way to capture engagement. Additionally, parents may also keep logs to document when participation in an activity occurred.

        • Parents are required to use the DCPS Portfolio Review Rubric to document your artifacts.


1. Complete the Portfolio Review Form Rubric (PDF) first. Read the Dorchester County Public Schools Remote Review Guidelines (PDF) to help you complete the Rubric.

2. Complete the DCPS Home Instruction Portfolio Review for the 2020-2021 School Year Form (online form)

Helpful Documents:

Top Ten Tips for Creating a Review Portfolio (PDF)

Home School Portfolio Parent Letter 2020-2021 (PDF)