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Student Services

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Student Services

Ms. Deborah H. Usab

Interim Coordinator of Student Services 

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The Office of Student Services assists each student to complete their program of study by providing academic, behavior, social and emotional support to students who require alternative educational programming, mental health and wellness services and behavior support programs.

Belief Statement

It is our belief that every student can achieve to their maximum potential if provided with the appropriate intervention at the appropriate time. Students who may experience a traumatic emotional event may require the temporary use of mental health and wellness services in addition to alternative educational programming to avoid a loss of instructional opportunity. The specific needs of the student will determine the services necessary to help the student maintain a course that will culminate in the completion of the program of study. All programs and services are designed to prevent students from dropping out of school while focusing on the end goal of program completion.

 Gang-Related Incident Reporting Form (PDF)